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Alkam Home Fashion would like to welcome you to their newly designed website, where you'll be able to view and purchase our newest products!

We want to thank you for your loyalty to our growing business. Our store was established back in 1988 and since then we have offered the best customer service and the best prices. We are now one of the biggest distributors of products manufactured in Mexico,China, and Korea. For your convenience we have five different locations to serve you. You are welcomed to visit the nearest location to you. We offer the lowest prices and the best service!

Our main warehouse counts with 50,000 squared feet and is located in the city of Vernon. It carries the largest selection of merchandize for home decoration.

Our second store is placed right in the heart of downtown L.A. and it counts with the best customer service. It's also one of the busiest stores in downtown because of its low price.

We are also very proud to do most of our shipping through UPS and many truck companies.

(323)326-1141 (213)624-3536

We do not guarantee the existence of all products at the time you place your order. For better service we recommend that your clients choose more than two models in case the one desired is not available. If you have major problems with your order you may ask to speak to a supervisor.

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